About Us

We are a modern day Service Provider

Milestones is a small organisation and registered with CQC to support children and young people (CYP), and adults with care and support needs, to live great lives, independently and safely in their own homes, within their local communities. We support people with learning difficulties and / or autism, with some assessed as having complex needs (physical or mental health difficulties, or “challenging behavioural” needs)..

Our person-centred and holistic approaches combined with managers’ diverse; knowledge, experience and skills means that we can and will provide care and support to various service user groups, supporting individuals to achieve good quality of life, while living more independent and fulfilling lives, safely in their homes and hence achieving self-determined valued lives.

Management have over 12 years extensive experience working in diverse public service organisations, directly supporting individuals with care and support needs, mainly individuals with learning difficulties, promoting wellbeing, safety and independent living.


-Karen Salmansohn


Our values guide all of us at Milestones, as they shape our organisational culture, the way we behave and the way we work to provide high quality care and support.

  • We believe in providing high quality care/support to people, the same way we would wish to be supported / cared ourselves, or our loved ones, assuming we were in such position of needing care/support.
  •  Individuals need their basic personal care and health needs to be adequately met to be able to have a good life, which is enjoyable.
  • We provide a flexible service that is responsive to individual needs. Our services are provided around the individual, rather than to slot the individual into the service, how we think they should be, because it is NOT about one size fits ALL.
  • All service users, even those individuals who do not use words to communicate have a right to be heard and supported in their individual communication needs. We need to get better at listening to what people are saying to us or showing us. For individuals with little verbal or non-verbal communication, we closely work with individuals who know them; taking guidance from them to understand what gestures or sounds may mean in order to draw up support plans which identify what is important to individuals now and in the future.
  • All service users should be seen as people first. We do not simply see people in relation to disability or limitations. Care and support needs will not be used to define individuals, discriminate or remove people from societies they belong.
  • We embrace, celebrate and value diversity (recognising the richness that this brings to people’s lives) as we treat service users as individuals.
  • Everyone is valuable, and their contributions are valued; we treat everyone (the people we support, family & friends and our staff) with dignity and respect, and with non-judgemental attitude, regardless of differences or individual “protected characteristics”.
  • People are all inter-dependent; we all need support in our lives. No one is too disabled or too affected by their care and support needs to lead an independent life. With the right support, people with learning difficulties are able to live great and ordinary lives, the way they choose.
  • All service users are citizens and experts in their own right, and have the same human, legal and civil rights as other members of society, including the rights to inclusion or / to fully participate in the communities they belong.
  • We believe that life is a mixture of fun, things to do, things to achieve and things to contribute to others. In order to promote individual growth and development, we will support individuals to try new experiences, and this involves taking proportionate risks while balancing the benefits against the potential harms.
  • Everyone needs to have meaningful relationships in their lives, which help them to feel loved, needed and valued. Our staff actively supports all such relationships while being mindful of the risks that sometimes are presented in close or intimate relationships.


  • We face our responsibilities with humility, compassion, innovation, curiosity and creativity in order to make real differences.
  • We are brave, passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated about the work we do.
  • We listen, are respectful and respond with empathy and kindness to the emotions and needs of our service users, families and friends and respond to their feedback.
  • Management and support staff are accountable, open, honest and transparent in the service we provide, and we have the courage to speak up and challenge procedures or when practice fall below expectations or when things are not right or to the required standard and hence learn lessons from our mistakes and acting upon them.
  • Our robust recruitment procedures are aimed at minimizing the risk to people’s safety.
  • We provide support / care in line with research based best practice. We offer appropriate training and continued development to all our staff to ensure they are up to date with the required knowledge and skills.

Committed to making a difference… and we delivered